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Padstow – a beautiful, ancient harbour town in Cornwall

Padstow Events And Attractions

The Padstow ‘Obby ‘Oss
Held on May Day, this is a genuinely ancient celebration – amongst the oldest May day traditions in Europe. Many Padstonians travel across the world to be back home for the celebrations. The celebration starts at Midnight with unaccompanied singing around the Town. During the day accordians and drums accompany the respective parties (“Old Oss” and “Blue Ribbon”) around Padstow. Eventually the “Oss’s” are stabled until the following year leaving the musicians and dancers free to attend some of the inns. The whole thing finishes at midnight around the Maypole
Prideaux Place
Prideaux Place overlooks the town and is open to the public. This superb building was built in 1585 by Sir Nicholas Prideaux and the embossed plaster ceiling in the Great Chamber is outstanding. The building is set in sixty acres of ground which include twenty-two acres of deer park situated opposite the house. This deer park is thought to be the oldest in Britain with records dating back to the year 450. There is an old legend to the effect that should the deer disappear so will the family! More…
The Jubilee Queen
There are plenty of fishing trips and rides on speedboats available from Padstow, but the Jubilee Queen offers a more leisurely experience. An evening river trip to Wadebridge on a fine Summer’s evening with a high tide is not to be missed
The Camel Trail
The old railway track is now the Camel Trail, a footpath and cycle track to Wadebridge, also incorporating some of the old railway track beyond Wadebridge. It is a most spectacular footpath with marvellous views of the River Camel and Estuary
The Eden Project
A short drive from Padstow (about 45 minutes), this spectacularly successful attraction with its geodesic conservatories is sure to impress. More…
The National Lobster Hatchery
Did you know that lobsters taste with their feet? That they can be red, blue, white or even dark with yellow spots? that they have three stomachs? That they can live to be 100 years old? You didn’t? You need to visit Padstow’s Lobster Hatchery! More…
The Saints Way
Walk the ancient route from Padstow to Fowey (around 30 miles). More…